McDonalds Vs. Burger King

I have never had the two competing burger chains Cheeseburger before me at the same time. But I admit I’m a hungry fella and early in my life I changed from the kiddy menu to Big Mac menu and at times the one with one additional cheeseburger. But then again when at Burger King I ask for a Double Whopper Cheese. And over the years I’ve had more meals at McDonalds than Burger King I guess due to availability of restaurants.

So now I want to do a more thorough comparison on prize and what you get. I know Cheeseburgers at MD  to-go prize is 10NOK equals 1,61 USD . And online BK states Cheeseburgers from 18NOK equals 2,89 USD calculated on a exchangerate of 6,22NOK to a buck. USD

Are the Cheeseburgers from BK that much bigger?

This is what I want to know so when I make choice about which place to choose I know the facts and It’s all a matter Of taste and what I feel like that day. And on days without a specific craving I may know the cost to food served ratio between McDonalds and Burger King.

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Vegetarian Culinary at Home Experience

Yesterday my uncle Bjørn Olav came by after work preparing his famously delicious vegetarian food. Making pesto for his Eggplant Rolls with Pesto, Marinated Pepers, Buffalo Mozzarela Cheese kept together with a toothstick. On the side Potato Boats with his perfectly fluffy aioli and a green salad made by my wife Sarah who also made a salad dressing containing mustard and Balsamic Creme. We had a fantastic meal together.