Friday’s on a Sunday


My wife had arranged babysitting for Victoria Elouise and we where off to see the Musical Beauty and the Beast which was fantastic. And  we had the opportunity to eat at Friday’s. Love the refills. But refills can’t keep you Happy forever. Since it took an hour to Get the food when your on a schedule and need to Get back.

We have some Favourite dishes at Friday’s but we where daring and wanted to try something new.  So I tried Cowboy Triple Meat burger with additional patty and onionrings. Ok I admit I’ve been on cortison and I get insanely hungry. I don’t know if it was my cancer treatment or they had an off day in the kitchen, but taste was blend to me.  And my wifes starter Of Mozzarela sticks was soggy and not the way we’re used to. A bit dissapointing tastewise.