Hello World!

Cancerboy at your service!

I got the notice 26.11.13 at 16.00 ish; You got Cancer.

That’s a big difference from being supposed to go on a Business Trip the same morning but thankfully my doctor stopped me and Hospitalized me instantly that morning.

Next day transfered to Rikshospitalet department Of Blod-deceases. Where they installed a CVK to be able to give me all the medication I needed.

Thursday the 28.11.13 is defined as my first day of treatment according  to Nopho ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) protocol which lasts 130 weeks untill 26.05.16.

During my time with cancer I’ve had my fair share of food cravings. And since being out in direct sunlight is now not recommended due to the chemo treatment. I’m looking for culinary experiences to enjoy with my wife who is a true everyday hero taking Care Of our daughter soon to be 1 year old.

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  1. Really good to see your blog up and running, Filip. Keep going, Cancerboy, there’s still a lot of delicious veggiefood to be made and consumed. Just tell me when to drop by for another meal :-)

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