McDonalds Vs. Burger King

I have never had the two competing burger chains Cheeseburger before me at the same time. But I admit I’m a hungry fella and early in my life I changed from the kiddy menu to Big Mac menu and at times the one with one additional cheeseburger. But then again when at Burger King I ask for a Double Whopper Cheese. And over the years I’ve had more meals at McDonalds than Burger King I guess due to availability of restaurants.

So now I want to do a more thorough comparison on prize and what you get. I know Cheeseburgers at MD  to-go prize is 10NOK equals 1,61 USD . And online BK states Cheeseburgers from 18NOK equals 2,89 USD calculated on a exchangerate of 6,22NOK to a buck. USD

Are the Cheeseburgers from BK that much bigger?

This is what I want to know so when I make choice about which place to choose I know the facts and It’s all a matter Of taste and what I feel like that day. And on days without a specific craving I may know the cost to food served ratio between McDonalds and Burger King.

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